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  • Flood awareness

    Almost 5 million people in England are at risk of flooding. This is only going to increase with a changing climate. Many people think that flooding will never happen to them - but it could. The winter of 2013 to 2014 was the wettest in England for nearly 250 years and around 11,000 residential and commercial properties flooded. Cholsey and Wallingford were much affected (see this fantastic video compilation) , although other parts of ...

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  • Plastic bag charges at last!

    After years of campaigning, Waitrose and other shops with over 250 staff now charge 5p for basic plastic bags, the revenue going to charity. Some smaller shops have joined in, as they see it as an opportunity to bond with customers by doing something in a good cause. In Scotland, in the final quarter of the year following the introduction of the 5p charge was introduced, bag usage dropped by 129 million compared with the ...

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