Our aim: Building a more sustainable community

Sustainable Wallingford’s aim is to build a more sustainable community in the small Oxfordshire town of Wallingford and the surrounding villages. This means reducing the impact we have on our environment, and becoming more self-reliant and resilient as residents.

The group was formed in over 10 years ago by a small group of friends, and has since become well known locally for a range of activities and projects that involve people, and raise awareness more widely of the need to reduce our demands on the earth’s resources. We have only one planet, and so do future generations.


She makes a lovely dustbin

Sustainable Wallingford has a group of active members as well as around 400 local supporters who take part in our events and receive our newsletter.

Action groups have grown and merged and changed over the years, our core interests are energy and resources: using less, using renewable sources and using them more efficiently. Our key topics of transport, waste and local sourcing (of food and other requirements) are closely related to energy, climate change and finite resources. You can see some of the projects we have carried out here and would love to hear ideas on projects to make a difference.

We work in partnership with local government, schools, health services, food producers and businesses to promote awareness of sustainability and to take action.

Learning about the issues helps us to decide on the right action, so discussion, films, talks and visits have always been important in keeping up to date on sometimes complex issues, as well as enjoying each others’ company.


The famous prize-winning vehicle

We use the opportunities of local events like the Wallingford Carnival and Bunkfest to reach out to share information and involve new people.We are funded by memberships, donations, and sometimes grants for special projects.

Sustainable Wallingford links up with other local groups, to share ideas and work with organisations including local authorities. We are active in the Oxfordshire Low Carbon Hub and ClimateXchange. We are keen to work with schools, councils, voluntary groups and local business in all that we do.

We have a Management Group for planning and communication, organising events and overseeing our membership and money. This operates according to our ConstitutionMay 2018 and works on projects large and small and engages with the public, business, schools, local government and other groups to achieve our aims.

The Annual General Meeting of all members elects the Management Group and can determine policy directions, but we are committed to work with everyone and not any political or special interest group.

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