While you may have heard a lot about biodiversity being lost in rainforests far away, biodiversity is all around us – in parks, rivers and fields and in your own garden – playing a big part in our quality of life.

Banded Demoiselle 001 e (Dawn Balmer) (A)

Here in Britain we are losing our local biodiversity all the time through:

  • Removal of hedgerows
  • Building houses and roads
  • Intensive agriculture (use of pesticides)
  • Land drainage for building or agriculture
  • Introduced species spreading disease or out competing natives (e.g. mink, grey squirrel, signal crayfish)
  • Invasive species such as Japanese knotweed and Himalyan balsam in the UK, costing £1.8 billion to control and compromising our flood defences
  • Destroying peat bogs to use the peat from them (95% of Britain’s peat bogs destroyed in the last 50 years)

See Wild Oxfordshire for local policies, strategies, and projects here

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