Waste reduction

The best way to deal with waste is to prevent it. Here are some things that you can do yourself to minimise it:-

Reducing Packaging Waste

  • Buy loose items, including fruit & vegetables, nails & screws, rather than buying them plastic-wrapped or in bubble packs.
  • Use a cloth shopping bag, a ‘Bag for Life’, or a shopping trolley.
  • Refill your eco-friendly domestic cleaning liquid containers. This can be done at Just Trading in St. Mary’s Street.
  • Refuse a bag at the cash desk.

Reducing Food Waste

See Love Food Hate Waste for ideas on this. Buy just what you need rather than packs of a fixed size. The weekly Friday market and the Saturday local producers’ market stalls sell by weight. At Just Trading you can purchase loose dry goods in as large or as small a quantity as required. Some stalls at the Farmers’ Market sell loose goods.

Reducing General Waste

  • THINK first – then buy.
  • Make the DURABILITY of an item more important than its price – it is usually cheaper overall.
  • Use rechargeable batteries where possible.
  • When you need something ,try Trash Nothing, Wallingford Piper Sales, or the charity shops FIRST, only buying new if really necessary.
  • Borrow from a friend, hire, or use our friends at South Oxfordshire LETS  to borrow equipment, share skills, and pass things on.
  • Come to our Swapshops to recycle and find exciting new pre-owned items completely free
  • The council has useful information about how to recycle what 
  • PCs and laptops. Got an old unwanted PC? Safe PC Disposal, in Abingdon, collect redundant equipment for free and reuse it by repairing or refurbishing – or recycling if all else fails. Incredibly, they send nothing to landfill! They accept other IT-related and electrical equipment too. Call them on 01235 532730 or email info@safepcdisposal.co.uk.