We are in partnership

people+treeSustainable Wallingford partners with local government, schools, health service, food producers and businesses to promote awareness of sustainability and to take action to become more sustainable. Generous district and county council grant funding has allowed us to deliver projects including those on our projects page

Sustainable Wallingford is also a member of several low-carbon community groups in Oxfordshire- click on the links to find out more:

Community Action Groups

(CAGs) are a network of local voluntary groups in Oxfordshire. The CAG network consists of over 50 groups  like ours  across Oxfordshire at the forefront of community led climate change action, organising events and projects to take action on issues including waste, transport, food, energy and biodiversity. The network runs over 1,000 events per year, attended by over 60,000 local residents.They organise events and initiatives to raise awareness and take action on climate-change issues including waste reduction, promoting the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), carbon reduction, sustainable transport, and food, energy and water issues to live a more sustainable and less resource-dependent life in their local community. Our SwapShop was one of the first of many run by CAGs around the county.

South Oxfordshire Sustainability (SOS)

South Oxfordshire Sustainability (SOS) is a collaboration initiated by Sustainable Wallingford. South Oxfordshire Sustainability works for sustainable food, planning, water and waste policies across our area by bringing together, encouraging and empowering individual Community Action Groups in South Oxfordshire to be part of a wider and more visionary whole, and persuading our local councils to give much higher priority to issues of sustainability in the face of climate change.

Low Carbon Hub

Low Carbon Hub is an award-winning social enterprise, working for a massive change in the UK’s energy system. We think we need to get much more local about our energy system, and much more renewable, so that the benefits of renewable energy generation strengthen local communities.

Low Carbon Hub develop community-owned renewable energy in Oxfordshire and re-invest 100% of their own surplus in our mission to create an energy system we can all feel good about.


Sustainable Wallingford are spreading the word locally and have joined FareShare to help with some events, following a visit last year to CAG’s skillshare day.  FareShare works with retailers including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and The Co-operative, and manufacturers such as Kellogg’s and Nestlé, to identify and redistribute in-date, good to eat food that has become surplus – often long before it reaches a supermarket shelf – for reasons such as forecasting errors, mislabelling, or damaged packaging. Last year they received a record 9,070 tonnes of food from the food industry during 2015/16,  enough for frontline charities to provide 18.3 million meals to people in need. The majority of this food was diverted from waste*, yet it’s just “the tip of a food waste iceberg” that could provide an estimated 800 million meals for vulnerable people each year.

Need not Greed

Sustainable Wallingford has joined Need not Greed Oxon, a coalition of local groups and individuals that have come together to campaign for a future that respects the views of local people, plans for “need not greed” and protects the environment. Many local groups are fighting hard against inappropriate development in their particular community. Yet the current economic strategy for the county, produced without any public consultation, sets out such aggressive growth figures that more and more battles are likely to be coming our way.

We want local people to have a real voice in the debate on the future of Oxfordshire.