A local campaign to improve air quality in central Wallingford
Let’s all take a Deep Breath…
We all enjoy our busy, lively town but in recent years we know there has been a problem with traffic
emissions (specifically ‘NOx’- which also pollutes inside cars) exceeding the permitted limits in the centre.

This is likely not the fault of any one group of people but due to the sheer number of vehicles on the road.
We are a group of residents, businesses and neighbours who want to try and make a change in how and
when we use our cars to improve air quality for all and encourage others to do the same. We are not
focusing on what we can’t do (e.g. run out and buy an electric car) but on what we can do right now: more
walking, cycling, use of public transport or car-sharing.

We want people ‘cutting through’ Wallingford going to and from work to use the bypass instead. We want to encourage vehicles to switch off their engines at the traffic lights if they can “no idling”: many people know roughly how long they have to wait and have a car which starts again reliably… we who can are making up for those who have more unreliable vehicles or are too nervous to try. We can walk the kids to school to make up for the elderly or disabled neighbour who needs transport into town to shop. We can all make a difference together.

We have asked people to put one of five posters up in their window to show support for this campaign.
Hopefully, people ‘cutting through’ will then realise we have a problem and do their bit by not idling or by
using the bypass. We have ‘Poster Bombed’ the centre for a month so drivers can see one wherever they are
sitting in the traffic. Schools and libraries in nearby villages have also been supportive.

Spread the word and make this the year we reduce NOx emissions! More later…