Along with other Sustainable  groups in the area, we are starting a new energy-saving project in the Autumn, and gearing up this summer.

This is a successful, growing project to
• get rid of draughts
• make homes warmer
• save energy

Wallingford Draughtbusters

We are building a team of experienced volunteers who want to help people with draughty homes struggling with their energy bills in the OX10 area. If you would like to get involved, see our leaflet here: SW_DraughbustersA4_2023_web

Want us to help?

email us at Phone no is 07990 247124.

What can we offer?

We will give advice about draught proofing and also on how to manage your heating system. Most homes could benefit from some additional draught proofing, and it is not hard to do.

We don’t undertake major improvements like loft insulation, new windows and doors, or cavity wall insulation, but we can undertake small tasks which can make a difference.

We can also guide you to schemes to help fund larger scale work. We don’t make recommendations on specific contractors.

How our visits work

During the visit the DraughtBuster team will go round and look for any obvious issues, consult you about what needs to be done and then if you agree we will carry out the necessary draught proofing measures there and then. We work in pairs and would recommend that there are always two people in the house.

Before we leave we will give advice on other measures that can be taken. The visits generally last less than ninety minutes, and the cost of any materials is covered by us – our budget is sometimes topped up by donations from happy customers.

Who are we?

We’re a volunteer team of local people. Some of us are also Sustainable Wallingford members

The DraughtBusters draught proofing service targets those in most need. The priority groups are people living in energy poverty, families with young children, the elderly and people under debt management, and we will help others too if they ask. Many are referred to DraughtBusters through the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Council’s welfare scheme, local debt advice agencies, GPs, churches and charities. Others contact us direct, often because they’ve been told about us by someone who has previously been helped by DraughtBusters.