(This list may not be complete)


4-5 September: Sustainable Wallingford’s Green Fair at Bunkfest

3 July: Swap Shop

2 May: Cycle ride

27 April: General Election hustings for Wantage Constituency, arranged jointly with Churches Together

17 April: Swap Shop

10 April: AGM

23 Feb: Swap Shop

31 Jan: Greening Campaign Phase 1 Celebration


5 Dec: Wallingford Wavers







13 Nov: Film: Age of Stupid

10 Oct: Greening Campaign launch. See Wallingford Herald report.

8 July: Greening Campaign public meeting. See Wallingford Herald report.

27 June: Swap Shop.

16 May: Launch of 2009/2010 Buy Local Directory (click here for press release)

7 March: Swap Shop.


October: Climate change questionnaire. For results click here.

28 June: Swap Shop

3 May: Fir Tree School work party

28 April: Buy Local Guide: Launch of Guide in Wallingford Market Square.

The Mayor of Wallingford, Nigel Moor, and Dorothy Cussens, convenor of Sustainable Wallingford’s Buy Local Group, at the launch of the new edition of Where to Buy Local in Wallingford.

Bob Nielsen of Brightwell Vineyard and the Mayor and Mayoress of Wallingford toast the new edition of Sustainable Wallingford’s ‘Buy Local’ directory.












6 Mar: Swap Shop.


October: Sustainable Wallingford’s work on the Fir Tree School Vegetable Garden was a winner at the Oxfordshire Sustainability and Conservation Awards [link to news item to be added later]

23 Sep: Swap Shop

1-3 Sep: Bunkfest: We were on site on both Saturday and Sunday and this year our stand had a recycling theme, with displays and activities for children. We collected 5000 plastic cups for recycling (the festival uses 12,000 cups in all).

Spring/summer: Development of Fir Tree School Garden.

10 June: Swap Shop

27 March: Community coppicing

11 March: Food, People and Place

4 Mar: Swap Shop and collection day


17 Nov: SODC prize giving

12 Nov: Swap Shop

3 Sep: Bunkfest

9 July: Double Bill (combined Swap Shop and collection morning)

30 April: Launch of Sustainable Wallingford’s ‘Buy Local’ Directory

16 March: Eco-friendly parenting talk – “Raising a Green Child”

12 Feb: Swap Shop


11 Dec: Wild Waste Show, Market Square

3 Dec: St John’s Primary School Christmas Fair

2 Dec: Victorian Evening

9 Oct: Swap Shop

23 Sep: Nappuccino. Come and discuss cloth nappies with the “experts”. Look at the range of washable nappies now available. Tea, coffee and biscuits available. Toys for little ones to play with.

4 Sep: Big Green Day, coinciding with the 3rd Wallingford Bunkfest. Sustainable Wallingford had a successful day on 4th September at the Wallingford Bunkfest.  There was a minimum of 4 volunteers helping on the stall all throughout the day, and up to 6 at busy times.  We were lucky enough to be centrally situated on the Kinecroft and in the craft marquee which helped there to be a constant stream of interest. We would like to thank South Oxfordshire District Council for enabling us to organise this environmental activity tent. There was a large amount of interest and it was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness amongst the public about their ecological impact of their every day activities. (Click here for more information)

3 July: Swap Shop

July: School Summer Fairs (Fir Tree, Crowmarsh): SW stands, planting seeds and revamping old clothes (tie dyeing etc.)

19 July: Wallingford Carnival. This year’s theme was Nursery Rhymes. In an attempt to be faithful to this topic but also to the topic that defines our organisation – sustainability, we decided on ‘Wiggly Worm at the bottom of the garden’ – in the composter! The Carnival was great fun. 32 SW members and friends participated in our float.

Carnival 2004













7 June: Sustainable Design in Public & Commercial Buildings. David Rowley architect and director at Nightingale Associates discussed the principles of sustainable design. The talk also focused on best practice examples of sustainable architecture including the award winning Wessex Water HQ and the Eden Project. Finally David provoked debate about the potential for incorporating environmental building standards in South Oxfordshire. 25 people attended this extremely interesting talk. Report

5 June: No Plastic Bags Day.
The aim behind this initiative was to reduce the disposal of plastic bags, which take hundreds of years to decompose and cause the environment enormous harm. The re-usable cotton bags can be put into back-packs, hand bags, even pockets! They can be carried anywhere and used for groceries or any other kind of shopping. Over 700 local residents received a re-usable cotton carrier bag. The bags were handed out at nine local businesses that kingly and eagerly agreed to help us:
Waitrose, Champions, Petitts, KP Stationers, Rags in Bags, Shoes in Twos, From Here to Maternity
Pennifex, Boots. This initiative had a huge take-up and we also have the County Council to thank, for providing us with the bags – and printing SW’s logo on them. (For a news report, click here and scroll down to the appropriate date)

22 May: Collection Morning. A chance to get rid of the following items without harming the environment: * Ink Cartridges * Mobile Phones * Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes * Aluminium foil * Spectacles * Computers * Batteries * Old Tools * Paint. We will make sure these are either recycled, re-used, sold for charity or safely disposed of. Nothing will go to landfill.

March: Sustainable Wallingford schools group led assemblies and ran “green fairs” in local primary schools.

27 March: Solarsavers launched in Wallingford market place – in partnership with SODC and Thames Valley Energy.

24 March: Conference at Oxford Brookes University on local food in the public sector.

26 Feb: Talk to Royal British Legion members in Wallingford

7 Feb: Swap Shop – like a big jumble sale but no money changed hands – the idea was to swap things you don’t need for things you do!  Wallingford Regal Centre, 10 am – noon

15 Jan: Energy Efficiency in the Home – a talk by Annie Batten from the Thames Valley Energy Efficiency Advice Centre on how to make better use of energy in the home – saving us money and helping reduce greenhouse gases!


13 Dec: From Rubbish to Rubens – the waste group hosted RECREATE from Oxford to make innovative Christmas presents and decorations with children and to educate us about what to do with all that left over wrapping paper and our Christmas Trees!

4 Dec: Victorian Evening Market Stall – the biggest evening of the year in Wallingford ; the group were there promoting more sustainable ways of living, looking back at forebears!

15 Nov: Energy Action Group along with TV Energy Efficiency Advice Centre promoted energy efficiency and renewable energy in Wallingford market place.

18 Oct: Swap Day – like a big jumble sale but money did not change hands – the idea was to swap things you don’t need for things you do!

15 Sep; Renewable Energy Talk – Ian Bacon from TV Energy talked about renewable energy in the community and what we might be able to achieve in Wallingford.

2 Sep: Trip to BEDZED – state of the art zero emissions housing development in London.

29-31 Aug: Wallingford Bunkfest Market Stall – Sustainable Wallingford were there with a market stall promoting small steps that we can take to make our lives more sustainable!