Are you passionate about sustainability?

and getting stuck in with like-minded people?

Are you a seasoned sustainability expert, an energetic energy enthusiast, a talented transport expert or a local producer?

Do you have professional talents in accounting, law, marketing and IT that you could use to benefit the local community on a voluntary basis from time to time? Whatever your skills and enthusiasms, Sustainable Wallingford needs help at events, in developing the interest groups, local outreach and the management of the group itself.

We have lots of ideas, but we need people! Could you help out at an event (such as manning the weighing scales at Swapshops), deliver posters, bake a cake, make the tea, act as host, or share events on social media? Why not come along as a one-off volunteer? We’d appreciate the help, and if you enjoy it you can come back for more! Skill sharers, we’d be delighted to hear from anyone who has a skill they’d be happy to share.

We’re particularly looking for people with the following skills:

Fixing things: Do you mend clothes, furniture, electrical items, etc.? Would you be able to do an occasional morning or afternoon with us as part of a repair team?

Foodies: Help us reduce food waste through food swaps, excess giveaways and surplus food cooking evenings. Offers of cooking skills, surplus crops and gastronomic enthusiasm most welcome!

Crafters: Try out new ways to upcycle and re-use resources. We need people to make prototypes or to help at workshops

You don’t have to be a member of Sustainable Wallingford to get involved in our activities, but you can also support us with membership costing just £5 a year.

Members’ subscriptions are our main support and are ploughed into the work that we do.


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