Sustainable Wallingford news: sharing the land


We are launching a new Sustainable Wallingford scheme called “Wallingford All Sharing Project” (W.A.S.P.), connecting people who want to grow their own food to space where they can grow it.

The initial idea is for people living in Wallingford:

  • We find people who have large gardens, but cannot tend as well as they would like. We match them with people who do not have space to grow food in their own garden, or who have been unable to find or cope with an allotment. We put the two in contact, and help them to agree  (in writing) how to cooperate and share delicious home-grown produce.

The garden owner – benefits by:

  • Seeing their garden thrive.
  • Getting satisfaction from sharing with another.
  • Getting some of the food grown as a thank you for sharing their space.
  • Passing on their knowledge and skills to enthusiastic gardeners.
  • Forming a new relationship.

The gardener – benefits by:

  • Getting satisfaction of growing food and improving their skill.
  • The delight of tasting home grown food
  • Getting free and productive exercise.
  • Getting the pleasure of sharing their harvest with another.
  • Forming a new relationship.

As a person interested in Sustainable Wallingford, (you may of course want to join the Project), can you help?

  • Do you know any people who fit either of the above categories, that you could talk to about the W.A.S.P. project?
  • Would you be prepared to spread the word about the W.A.S.P. project to others?
  • Do you know of any gardens that look like they could be used? (maybe, where someone used to take great pride in growing food but they no longer do.)
  • Do you have ideas on how we can spread the word? (maybe you belong to a group where leaflets could be distributed, or someone could come and talk to members.)

Please reply to Caron Spence either by e mail – caronspence at or by phoning 01491 825034.