Open Days for Eco-Homes

Sustainable Wallingford members joined with other parts of the county and opened their homes to the public to demonstrate various forms of renewable energy and more sustainable technologies they had installed.

These included solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, woodburner, grey water harvesting, wind generator and battery system for appliances.  Local residents and visitors from Reading and Wantage welcomed the expert advice without the “sales pitch”.Solar hot water panels on new homes in Crowmarsh

Feedback on the event was overwhelmingly positive with responses such as “very informative, interesting, fascinating” and “thought provoking”.  At least one visitor took action soon after the open days by installing solar photovoltaic panels and a wood-burning stove.

These events are continuing around the country – see this link, and Sue Roberts at Glebe House in Wallingford’s SuperHome award for older homes refurbished by their owners for greater comfort, lower bills and fewer carbon emissions – at least 60% less! A recent article reports that successful retrofits can halve carbon emissions, as well as supporting improved quality of life for occupants. The Government has set a target to reduce carbon emissions from buildings by 80% by 2050.