Welcome from Sustainable Wallingford

We are a grassroots, community-led and volunteer run organisation that works in the local community in and around Wallingford, Oxfordshire, to raise awareness and activity in sustainable living through:

  • More efficient use of ENERGY. 

  • Reduction, recycling and reuse of produce to minimise WASTE.
  • LOCAL SOURCING of food and other products.
  • Adoption of less carbon intensive TRANSPORT and

Let us be at the forefront of communities

Like every other town and community, we face the uncertainty and threats of what climate change will do to our town and surrounding area, local biodiversity and long-term resilience against peak oil, migration and resource scarcity.
We want to be at the forefront of communities in South Oxfordshire in raising awareness amongst residents, businesses, schools and others about climate change and its local impacts, and to engage as many people as possible in taking positive action to reduce consumption and waste, to buy locally produced food and to enjoy the beautiful countryside on our doorstep.

We are guided by the principle, first defined in 1987 by the UN's Bruntland Commission, that Sustainable Development “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

Striking the balance between beauty and global change

Sometimes that means we need to have difficult conversations about the trade-offs between residential property development, wind turbines and waste facilities. We need to strike a balance between maintaining the beauty of South Oxfordshire and facing up to the fact that between now and 2050 unprecedented global changes in energy supply, water, food and other precious resources mean that we are all going to have to live very differently when there are over nine billion people on this planet.

This is why we want to involve as many people from the community as possible – so that there is greater understanding of what may lie ahead for us all, and also more widespread involvement in living more sustainable and high-quality lives.

You can find out more about our activities on this website and hope this inspires you to get involved, please contact us.