What do we mean by Community?

Community is a pulling together of people who want to achieve a sense of belonging and  who recognise that they need to look after what they have. By doing this in ways such as not wasting resources, or becoming more independently resourceful, a community ensures it becomes resilient. Essential, particularly should that community meet with challenges in the future.

On a collective basis this sees groups within the community pulling together in the same direction and supporting each other, be it sharing manpower and knowhow and/or sharing equipment. Individually, this sees people looking out for each other, sharing resources and being thoughtful.

During 2018 the film “Tomorrow” (French Demain) was shown in Oxford, Wallingford, Cholsey, Abingdon among other Sustainable groups in the area.  All who attended were inspired by the many important issues about taking back control of our lives, our economy and our planet. After the film and the following week we talked about what we’d like to do at a grass roots level to follow up, and a new group, Cholsey Tomorrow, has started there to progress proactive ideas.

Since then we have put several projects into action, with others planned, all to help the communities to thrive through transition,

–      a community response to the challenge of shrinking supplies of cheap oil, and climate change

–      encouraging a change from our current way of living to a local self-sustaining economy.