Sustainable Transport


Sustainable Wallingford’s Transport Group promotes and campaigns for sustainable transport.

Since 2005 some members of our group have been beavering away on our behalf, initially working with a South Oxfordshire District Council Steering Group on Air Quality. Many years later Oxfordshire County Council transport planning officers also joined the group.

Progress to make any change has been frustratingly slow, several ideas put forward by our representative members, were never acted upon.  The more recent proposal to close the bridge for periods of time has been put forward by others, but has not been implemented so far.

The most recent proposals by SODC (as reported in their Outlook update for residents-March 2019,) are to  launch a campaign to improve air quality by asking drivers to turn off their engines when the car is stationary. For information on this campaign visit  . Hooray, they have come up with a suggestion we and other Community Action Groups started suggesting to them years ago!

Sustainable Wallingford members took to the High Street in Wallingford , in the rush hour with our banners on 2018 Clean Air Day 21st June.  We politely asked people waiting at the two sets of traffic lights to turn off their engines, most people did agree to our request, and of course there were a very few who did not. Overall the action taken by us was received positively.

So if you would like to be involved in this kind of action, perhaps there is now scope  to work with SODC. For more detailed information see

If you zoom in on the map, you can look at the monitoring results for various stations. There is a link to it from the main SODC website:

We work to improve cycling and walking facilities and public transport links, and try to influence the county’s local transport plans, bus subsidy reviews, economic development plans for the town and local planning strategy. One key objective has been a safe and convenient cycling link between Wallingford and Cholsey Station, our nearest rail link. Thanks to the intervention of Cholsey Parish Council, a joint-use footpath/cyclepath has been created on the west side of Wallingford Road between Wallingford and Cholsey. Please use it!

We are looking for safe cycling for children as well as adults. Click for tips from Wallingford School.

  Enjoy the countrysideTry these local cycle rides.Just click on each picture to download an annotated map of the route.
Information about buses and other public transport in Oxfordshire:

Lift sharing

  • Save money on running costs: the average active member of the lift share network saves over £974 per year.
  • Reduce the need for a second car
  • Reduce the need to find parking places, and save money on parking costs
  • Help reduce pollution and congestion
  • Help to reduce the mental and physical stress of driving by sharing driving time
  • Meet new people and have a sociable journey

If you know of other people travelling to the same location as yourself, for example if you’re attending the same meeting / office, leisure venue, or shop then suggest that you both car share rather than travel separately. If you have a regular meeting or event which you attend by car, register that journey on the Oxfordshire Liftshare website to see if there are others making the same trip, or if you know you’ll be doing a one-off long trip by car it’s also worth registering this kind of journey on the site.