You may have seen Sustainable Wallingford’s publicity about our new Incredible Edible project where, with help from volunteers such as yourself, we have cleared unloved patches of land and preparing to grow edible plants. Near here, there are already plots outside the Cornerstone in Didcot, in Abbey Gardens in Abingdon, and in Florence Park in Oxford, with herbs, vegetables, and signs saying “Pick me when I’m ready”.

After much digging and carpentry, we are now planting up on the approach to Wallingford library and Community Support Centre and beside Benson library in cooperation with the Friends of Benson Library.

We were amazed how positive everyone has been, and so grateful to the hardy and tenacious volunteers who joined us at both sites on the weekends set aside for clearing, both being done in record time! The local schools have offered their help as the serious growing starts.

We have adding free local compost from the Agrivert recycling centre, and will plant edibles to share- so far salads, fruit trees, beans and herbs, with some welcome contributions and swaps of plants. We have given out our first produce and in future we hope to organise seasonal events such as seed swaps, harvest share-outs, and community suppers.
The aim is not just to grow edible plants for people to help themselves to as they pass by; plants such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, various herbs, carrots, spring onions, leafy greens, and BEANS. Just as important is to to raise interest in growing food and where it comes from, to provide outdoor gentle exercise in a sociable setting and of course to enhance the Libraries.
If you have ideas for edible plants you would like to see grown and that don’t need too much ongoing care, do get in touch or share your ideas in the Libraries.

Hopefully when you visit the Libraries this spring/summer, you will notice when things are ripe or ready to pick and take a few, leaving some for other people to enjoy of course. Do please also give us a hand with a little light weeding or watering, as “If you eat, you’re in”